Benefits of Using Packaging Cartons

According to a report of the Paperboard Packaging Council, the paperboard packaging in United States is worth about 9 billion dollars and cartons are an important part of this packaging sector. There are many key benefits that cartons offer over other packaging materials, which will be explored in following points.

The packaging of a product plays a very crucial role in its sales.Plastic folding carton can be designed, shaped and colored to make a product exceptionally appealing to the customers. We often experience ourselves attracted to the cookies, sauces, sweets and various other consumer items packed in cartons having eye-catching textures and designs. There is plenty of room for creativity in these packages. Text, names, figures can be carved out and limitless colors and shades can be used to promote a product. Companies also do experiments with the shapes of the cartons to increase their shelf appeal. It is a great artistic endeavor to appeal to the customers to make a purchase. Cartons can be a pretty handy tool for the product manufacturers in achieving this goal.

Another important fact about cartons is that they are made up of sustainable and widely available resources. This fact helps to keep the manufacturing costs of cartons low. Now a day, as the consciousness towards the environment is increasing among the consumers, the companies look for more recyclable and green packaging options and cartons. According to the website of the Paperboard Packaging Council, about three quarters of the paperboard packaging material is recycled and reused. Cartons lead to a strong, durable and easy to use packaging and they can be readily secured by various tampering proof techniques.

Cartons, being an attractive, low cost and reliable option in packaging, definitely adds value to the product. This is the main reason why its popularity is increasing among manufacturers and consumers. The ideas are endless with this perfect medium for creative and inexpensive packaging.

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