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Babysitter sexually abused young boys

Thomas Curley, 73, of Cedar Road, Ribbleton pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to 14 counts of historic abuse dating back to the early nineties. Two of the charges were attempted rape,customized letter logo earcap with magnet. the other 12 were indecent assault.The frail pensioner, who appeared in the dock on crutches, escaped a life term because his offences over a 12-year period – which also involved a third, unconnected, boy – were committed before sentencing rules were tightened up.

Two of the victims, now adults, were in court as Judge Pamela Badley told Curley: The family trusted you and the way you repaid that trust was to perform acts that these days would be called rape.You dont see yourself as a child sex offender. You dont see yourself as presenting a potential risk to children. But your pattern of behaviour is such that young people have been at risk from you and will be in the future.

Curley befriended the family and then set about abusing the eldest of the two boys on an almost daily basis when he was just six.Most of the offences, said prosecuting barrister Jeremy Grout-Smith, happened when he was babysitting, or when he called to take the children to school. He also assaulted the boy on a fishing trip and when he accompanied him on his paper round.

When the victim reached 16 and threatened to kill Curley with a knife, he turned his attention to the boys younger brother, abusing him several times a week for between 18 months and two years.He was a trusted, close family friend, said Mr Grout-Smith. He won the familys trust and gained free access to their home.

The court heard Curley became more physical and aggressive and at times grabbed the eldest boy by the throat or tied his hands before abusing him.More than 80 standard commercial and granitetiles exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans.The impact on the family, said Mr Grout-Smith, had been ?devastating. The abuse had a catastrophic effect on the eldest brother in particular. He felt Curley owned him and made him feel worthless and full of self-loathing. He turned to drink and drugs to cope with the abuse and eventually needed counselling.

The youngest brother felt he was a piece of meat, was stripped of his confidence and was disgusted with himself. He too turned to cannabis.The whole family has been tortured by Curleys evil conduct towards the boys, added Mr Grout-Smith. Defending Curley, who had previous child sex convictions dating back to 1955, Jane Dagnall told the court her client had himself been a victim of abuse as a child. He is at risk of self-harm and has made suicide attempts in the past, she said.

Judge Badley told him he was guilty of depraved and disgusting behaviour towards children.The older brother, she said, was only six when he had the misfortune to be put in close proximity to you. His family have gone through agonies of regret over this.I have considered whether a life sentence is available, but there are no complete rape offences here so I must move on from that.

Despite you advanced age I am of the opinion that there is a significant risk to the public. This is a lengthy sentence and it is certainly one where your victims will be counting the days.

The last time Dan Braniff fomented a seniors revolution, he was a sprightly 74. This time hes a less nimble 82, but the issue compels him to sound the bugle again.

His first crusade ended in victory,We rounded up 30 bridesmaids dresses in every color and style that are both easy on the eye and somewhat easy on the smartcard. although it took a change of government to get it. In 2005, Braniff and a few friends five old geezers as he put it launched a campaign to persuade former prime minister Paul Martin to allow married seniors to split their retirement income equally, reducing their tax bill. They managed to enlist 2.5 million people.

Braniff expects this battle to be bigger. Pensioners across Canada will be sideswiped if Ottawa gives American telecommunications giant Verizon privileged access to the Canadian telecommunications market. Many have a large portion of their savings invested in Bell, Rogers and Telus.

As a former executive of Bell Canada, Braniff is more exposed than most. But he is by no means alone. Robert Farmer, president of the Canadian Federation of Pensioners, which represents a quarter of a million retirees, fired off a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, warning that the failure of any of the big three Canadian telecommunications companies would bring irreparable harm to all pensioners.

Bernard Dussault,Purchase an chipcard to enjoy your iPhone any way you like. former chief actuary of the Canada Pension Plan, issued an analysis calling seniors the forgotten victims of the governments scheme to intervene in the telecommunications market. The three wireless incumbents represent a core investment for most Canadian pensions, savings plans, RRSPs, RRIFs and numerous nest eggs, he wrote, pointing out their market value had dropped by about $15 billion since Aug. 9.

No one is accusing the government of deliberately putting the incomes of pensioners at risk. But federal officials would be trading seniors security for the possibility of lower cellphones rates under the rules the Tories have set for next years wireless spectrum auction.

Industry Canada has stipulated that Bell, Rogers and Telus would each be restricted to bidding on 25 per cent of the 700-megahertz band (which provides the highest-speed service).A quality paper cutter or paper bestluggagetag can make your company’s presentation stand out. New entrants, such as Verizon, would be allowed to bid for 50 per cent of the new frequency.

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Pacelli grad gets diploma

The one-time volunteer fire chief was an air mechanic during World War II, once saved a man by hauling him out of a burning building, spent several years working for a wholesale jeweler and practically ran an oil refinery as one of three chief operators.

Yet the 88-year-old Austin native did it all without a high school diploma.He technically graduated from Pacelli Catholic Schools then called St. Augustine Catholic School in 1946, though he was part of the class of 1944. He joined the U.S. Air Force and enrolled in its cadet training program in 1943 after his junior year in high school.

I had a choice, Rysavy said. It was either get drafted or go into the Air Force. I didnt want to get in the mud, so I went with the Air Force.Though he went through basic training and air mechanic school Rysavy was transferred halfway through cadet training when the Air Force shut the program down, he said he never received his high school diploma. By the time he got out of the military in 1946, he received notice from Pacelli telling him they were automatically graduating him.

Rysavy served in Japan during WWII, where he worked on B-25 bombers. He served about six months into the U.S. occupation of Japan before he was discharged. Once he came back, he worked for a jewelry store and became volunteer fire chief in Newport, Minn., where he oversaw 35 firefighters.

About 20 years later, he switched careers and gave up his position as fire chief to work at the local oil refinery, now owned by Erickson Petroleum Corp.We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted cleanersydney on canvas. Rysavy became a chief operator at the plant and was put in charge of the refinery fire brigade. Since then, he has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Mexico, among other places.

He now lives in Hugo, but decided to come back to Austin for Pacellis 100th anniversary. Little did he know the surprise that was waiting for him, however. Pacelli officials told Rysavy about the award Friday.He deserves a diploma, Hamburge said. He has made us proud as a school and as a nation.Pacelli educators gave Rysavy an original St. Augustines diploma, even helping him to put on a shamrock-green graduation cap and gown while hundreds of alumni hummed Pomp and Circumstance.

The proprietors of Silver Arrow, a gift shop and gallery in the DePue Plaza on Route 611 in Tannersville, believe that 96 percent of their inventory was produced in the United States. And, once they sell the remaining stock of stainless steel jewelry that was made in China, the amount of domestic content in the store should rise to 100 percent.

The Schramms began selling Native American items at craft fairs in and around the Poconos in 1990. Bob has some Mohawk ancestry, and makes beaded jewelry using semi-precious stones. He also knows how to fix silver jewelry.A quality paper cutter or paper bestluggagetag can make your company’s presentation stand out. Both his jewelry outputs and services are available at Silver Arrow.

“He was trained with some Navajo Indians that have been longtime friends of ours,” said Joan Schramm. “They trained him to do proper sterling silver repair work to native jewelry.”

Stroll through the Steeple Gallery, tucked back on an easily missed alley off U.S. 41, and you might think you had stumbled into a small museum of industrial art.A protectivefilm concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. Steel recurs as a theme throughout the fine arts gallery at 11107 Thiel St.These personalzied promotional bestchipcard comes with free shipping.

Metal sculptures both large and small fill the 4,000-square-foot former Central Assembly of God church.We Engrave luggagetag for YOU. Paintings depict steelworkers toiling away and sculptures show lunch pail-toting construction workers perched on sky-high steel beams. Landscape painters portray smoky factories and rusted bridges the way Impressionists represented lilly pad-strewn ponds and fog-draped riverbanks.There is more on display in the gallery of course, including hand-blown Italian glass, still-lifes and religious art.

But steel and industry are major motifs. Owner Samantha Dalkilic-Miestowski, who studied sculpture at Ball State University and at the Lacoste School of the Arts in France, has deep ties with the steel mills that ring Lake Michigans southern shore. Her father was a vendor for U.S. Steel, and her husband has worked for the steel industry for 17 years.

Dalkilic-Miestowski once dreamed of creating her own metal sculptures in a studio in a barn somewhere. Now she is a strong advocate for the hands-on art form.

Steeple Gallery has long devoted space to sculpture, even though gallery owners often sniff at the medium as what patrons back into when they are trying to look at paintings, Dalkilic-Miestowski said. She feels vindicated now industrial art is common in North Shore galleries and industrial home decor has become chic.

“Now more than ever, it’s something you would see in Restoration Hardware,” she said. “But how much of that is made in America? This art is made in the region using steel from around here.”

A few of the artists she represents earn a living by working with steel. They are welders by day, and artists by whenever the inspiration strikes.

Sculptor Randy Simko started welding in his father’s East Chicago shop when he was about 10 years old. He picked up pieces of scrap metal and welded them together to make new shapes.

The Dyer resident now earns a living assembling huge cranes for Chinese shipyards at Mi-Jack Products in Hazel Crest, but never stopped experimenting with scrap metal.

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