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Wayside Elementary opens for last full year

The graduating class of 2021 will be the last class of fifth-graders to complete a full year at the current Wayside Elementary School, as the plans to nearly completely demolish the school got approval from the countys school leaders Wednesday.

The school board voted in favor of preliminary plans for the school located off Glen Road in Potomac, a project that will retain only the 2007 addition made to the school. The cost to build the school is estimated at $17.2 million, according to documents from Moseley Architects, hired by the school system to design the project.

We are thrilled with the project, said, Donna Michela,The marbletiles is not only critical to professional photographers. acting principal for Wayside Elementary School. The new plan includes fabulous instructional space and the latest and greatest in technology.Wireless computer access and interactive whiteboard systems are part of the plan.

The construction schedule will have students attending the current Wayside school through January 2015, when during winter break, school officials will relocate students and staff to Radnor Elementary. That school, located eight miles away on River Road, is used by the school system as a holding school during renovations and constructions. The move The project is expected to take 18 months to complete, allowing students and staff to return to the new school in September 2016.

More than 57,000 square feet of the schools 77,507 square-foot building will be demolished and replaced by an additional 73,282 square feet. In all the new school will total 93,040 square feet, according to the documents.The original building was built in 1969 with more classrooms and a gym addition in 1974. A 20,000 classroom addition was built in 2007.Its time has passed, Michela said. It needs to be updated.

Sean Gallagher, assistant director for the schools department of facilities management, said the current building is not energy efficient and many of the buildings systems were not upgraded in anticipation of the modernization plans.Waysides current enrollment is 536, according to school documents. The current building has capacity for 670 students. The modernization project will actually decrease capacity by 30 students.

The school has the ability to expand to 740 students if need be in the future with classrooms built into the design, but not immediately constructed during the upcoming modernization project.How to change your dash lights to doublesidedtape this is how I have done mine. The schools core facilities like the cafeteria and all-purpose room will be sized for the 740-student full build-out, according to Jim Tokar, Montgomery County schools project manager for the Wayside project. School system estimates through 2019 predict a enrollment high of 547 students at Wayside.

Gained in the project will be a soft play area and indoor track with an atrium which can be used by the school Preschool Education Program and special education programs, Michela said.The building is also expected to be LEED certified and include a security system that has controlled visitor access, according to the Moseley documents.

About 100 more parking spaces are on the plan as is an expanded student drop-off loop.Tokar said the schools preliminary plans will next be turned into design documents with school system funding approval for construction voted on next spring.

Ashtrays and designated smoking areas have been replaced with no smoking signs as Cal State Fullerton became the first 100 percent smoke-free campus in the California State University system.

Effective Aug. 1, smoking is prohibited in all interior and exterior campus areas and all outdoor areas owned, leased or rented by the universityincluding residence halls, parking structures and the Irvine campus.Dean of Students Tonantzin Oseguera, Ph.D, said the goal of the policy is to ultimately provide a healthy and productive environment and to safeguard against secondhand smoke.

While the university cannot force students to quit smoking, Oseguera said the policy makes a statement about supporting those who are trying to quit tobacco products.Its a free choice but on this campus were saying we want our students to think about health choices for everyone and so whats best for everyone is thisthat we move in the same direction as the state in regards to having all of our areas be smoke-free, Oseguera said.

However, the ban does not prohibit smoking on the perimeter of the campus,You must not use the skylanterns without being trained. which includes the sidewalks around the campus.Instead, the university will depend on the CSUF community to help create a smoke-free environment through community enforcement, which relies on individuals to educate one another about the smoke-free policy.

Interim Associate Vice President for Human Resource/Risk Management John Beisner said efforts have been made to announce this policy using various outlets, and those activities will continue throughout the semester.

The success of Presidents Directive 18 depends on the thoughtfulness, civility and cooperation of all members of the campus community, including visitors, Beisner said. Compliance is grounded in an informed and educated campus community.

According to Beisner, students from the Student Health and Counseling Center,Manufactures and supplies beststonecarving equipment. ASI and various clubs and organizations on campus are working to help implement this policy.

These Fresh Air Advocates will be active on campus to educate those who are smoking about the universitys smoking restriction and resources available to quit smoking.

When they approach someone, they will SMOKE: Smile and introduce themselves; Make the assumption that the person smoking might not be aware of the policy and inform them of the ban; Offer them a pack of gum and cessation program information; Kindly enforce the policy; and enforce the ban by reporting the smoking, Beisner said.

According to the university, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety will collaborate with various entities to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with notice of this policy through signs, presentations and publications.Give your logo high visibility on iccard!

Free tobacco/smoking cessation classes are available through the Anaheim Regional Medical Center for CSUF students, staff and faculty who wish to quit smoking.

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