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Description released of suspect in Brockton ministers slaying

Authorities on Thursday released a detailed description of the young man suspected of bludgeoning a 74-year-old Pentecostal minister to death with a hammer on Tuesday night in Brockton.Give your logo high visibility on iccard!The suspect in the horrific slaying of Lee Harmon was described as a light-skinned Hispanic or Cape Verdean male age 16 to 29, Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruzs office said in a statement.

The man,You must not use the skylanterns without being trained. who remained at large on Thursday, stands between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet with a thin or athletic build, officials said.At the time of the attack on Clinton Street, he was clean-shaven with black hair pulled into a ponytail and wore a black hooded sweatshirt, possibly with a white T-shirt underneath, as well as light colored shorts and black sneakers, according to the statement.

Harmon had turned 74 on Monday and was killed as he rode his bike to clean the apartment of his disabled daughter, according to officials and his family. He was the father of seven and a grandfather, his family said.Cruzs office said Thursday that Harmon died from multiple blunt force trauma to the head. The injuries that Harmon suffered were consistent with the hammer recovered at the scene, the statement said.

In addition, prosecutors released a photograph of a ball cap that was recovered at the scene. The dark-colored cap had a Red Sox logo on the front and a red bill.A spokeswoman for Cruz declined to say if officials believe the hat belonged to the assailant, but prosecutors urged the public to contact police if they know anything about the case, the suspect, or the cap.

Authorities have not provided information about a possible motive for the murder but have said witnesses reported hearing a crashing sound of glass breaking and then a verbal confrontation.

Harmons slaying was followed by another killing less than 24 hours later that triggered a massive police response, culminating in the shooting of the murder suspect in Abington.Cruzs office said Thursday in a separate statement that Jeffrey Cicerano, 44, was stabbed to death inside 117 Bellevue Ave. around 11 a.m. Wednesday. The killing was allegedly committed by Alfred Giannini and witnessed by another man.

According to prosecutors, the unidentified witness told police he met the two men at the Bellevue Avenue residence. Giannini, 37, was armed with a large knife and appeared to be panicked about some issue, prosecutors said.Cicerano was sitting in a chair when Giannini approached from the victims left side and stabbed him in the chest triggering a struggle between all three people in the room at the time, officials said.

The witness and victim then struggled with Giannini who repeatedly tried to get other knives within the apartment, prosecutors said in a statement.Giannini fled out a back door, but then circled to the front of the residence where he broke a window, and tried to arm himself with another knife while also trying to force his way inside, but was forced back by the witness, according to prosecutors.

The witness stayed with Cicerano, who collapsed onto the floor and was rushed to a Brockton-area hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 12:45 p.m., prosecutors said.Giannini, officials said, broke into a relatives nearby residence, where he stole jewelry and a motor vehicle, which was later spotted in neighboring Abington. Police pursued Giannini, who crashed the vehicle on Jon Drive in Brockton before running into the woods.

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