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Maid Of Honor Dresses – Get Styled

The maid of honor is the most popular in the wedding the bride after girl, of course. Her dress or dress should reflect the appropriate. There will be a long time to put the day of the wedding, she will perform specific tasks, it is better to keep a comfortable clothes. In the selection of clothes a few pieces of honor maid must bear in mind that they:

The budget

Keep the figures clear, if you want to buy a gown for a set amount of money and cannot afford to toe that line, make it clear to everyone concerned. Your budget should be sensible, don’t expect to spend more on your shoes than on your gown. Communicate with the bride and let her know, as she will have the last say on this.

The weather

Keep in mind that play a key role in the comfort of your maid of honor dress, the dress should be selected keeping the weather in mind, if it’s going to be too cold you can incorporate more heavy fabrics, gloves and even scarves. But on the other hand if its going to be too sunny, you might want to keep the material airy and light and throw in hats. So make sure you find out the weather restrictions.

Venue of the ceremony

This plays a crucial role, weddings as we know can be held in any place from Las Vegas to the little church down, so try model your outfit based on the venue. If the venue is a Victorian era church, you might want to wear gowns and do up your hair in that fashion. If the venue is Las Vegas you can pick the maid of honor dresses accordingly.

Theme of the ceremony

The bride will ultimately decide what the theme of the ceremony will be. So clarify with her if your dress if appropriate for it or not. The bride might pick a certain color for the theme so be sure to get a dress in that shade.

Other bridesmaids

As a maid of honor your dress has to be coordinated with the rest of the bridesmaids. You can opt for differences in style while keeping the color the same for all bridesmaids. One can have a scoop neck. The other can have a low-cut gown and so on. To make sure your dress stands out choose a slightly different shade of the same color.


Your shoes, your hat and your scarf will also play a major role in your out fit. Your hair should be done up in a comfortable yet trendy style. The jewelry should be worn to compliment your gown not to override it. Emphasize on your whole dress rather than only on the neck or hemline.

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