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Burglars take away jewellery

Burglars struck two shops on the opposite sides of the main road in Siddakatte Town in fall under Bantwal Rural and Punjalkate police station limits early on Thursday and decamped with gold and silver jewellry amounting to Rs 42 lakh.

The burglars had entered the shop in the heart of the Siddakatte Town at Vishwajyothi Complex by breaking open the shutter lock and later opening the safe locker using cutting machines.

While the burglars looted 15 kgs of silver and 140 grams of gold jewelry from Swarnaprabha jewelry worth Rs 10 lakh belonging to Prabhakar Acharya, the burglars looted 35 kg of silver and 374 gram of gold jewelry valued at Rs 32 lakh from Dhanalaxmi Jewellry, belonging to Chidananda on the opposite side of the building which housed the first jewelry shop. While the first shop comes under Bantwal rural police station limits, the latter is under Punjalkatte station limits.

While the burglars were attempting to open beak open the shutter lock of the second shop, an ATM watchman Prabhakar Poojari heard the noise and rushed to check in only to be threatened by the burglars at knife point. The burglars, who were about seven, let him off after looting the second shop and got away in a vehicle.

Prabhakar later informed a bakery personnel who called the police and the jewelry shop owners. Earlier to looting the two shops, the burglars had attempted to burgle a wine shop. After this failed attempt they moved on to the jewelry shops located nearby.

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