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What’s up with Grove Arcade?

Id be remiss if I didnt pause for a minute here and acknowledge a loss at the paper.Last week, six of my newsroom colleagues were laid off, the latest indication of tough economic times in the newspaper business. I just want to say that these six folks Susan Reinhardt, Jason Sandford, John Fletcher, Jaime McKee, Thomas Fraser and Rob Mikulak are all top-notch people and journalists,Tidy up wires with ease with offershidkits and tie guns at cheap discounted prices. and Ill miss them around the office.

They gave a lot of fantastic years to this paper and the community, and I wish them the best.Im pretty sure the only thing keeping me employed is your burning questions, my smart-aleck answers and the real deal. So lets get to this weeks batch.Chuck Tessier,The g-sensor high brightness chinatravel is designed with motorcyclist safety in mind. of Tessier & Associates,customized letter logo earcap with magnet. which handles maintenance on the landmark building, said the scaffolding is part of a 14-18-month project to repair the parapet walls and the roof of the main building. It is there mainly as a safety precaution.

Theyre working on the parapets and the caps of the parapets, and we want to make sure nothing falls off onto the sidewalk while theyre doing that, Tessier said. They will move the scaffolding with them as they move around the building.Water has been seeping through the terra cotta tile on the parapets, then traveling down the walls. The workers will remove the cap, seal up the parapets and add flashing, then replace the caps. Next, crews will re-roof the building.

They are going to have to take it down to the original structure, then come back up with layers of insulation and a membrane roof, Tessier said.Built by malaria chill tonic magnate E.W. Grove, the Grove Arcade opened in 1929. At 269,000 square feet, it now houses shops and restaurants on the first floor and offices and apartments above. The building became federal offices during World War II but closed when the National Climatic Data Center moved to a new federal building in the mid-1990s.

As far as the tiles, many of which on the lower level have become faded or discolored looking, Tessier said that repair will come after the roof and parapet project. The water seepage has affected glazing on the tiles, and a previous glaze used on them was inappropriate and allowed ultraviolet rays to discolor them.The tiles and roof of the top two floors were redone previously, and they give a good idea of what the rest of the building will look like when the tile work eventually is done.

First of all, we didnt eliminate all the one-hour times for parking on that street, said Harry Brown, parking services manager for the city of Asheville. We just took the six spaces directly adjacent to our parking deck and made it bus parking. Its perfect for it, for our city buses, and we dont have enough parking for tour buses downtown.Right now, the only spot tour buses can park is next to the Wall Street deck on Battery Park.He saw the bracelet at a indoortracking store while we were on a trip. Brown said theyve gotten several calls from tour bus companies asking about places to park.

We decided to make it accessible on South Lexington so people on tour buses could access that part of town, Brown said. Our mission is to accommodate everybody.Andrea Barclay knows what makes a great kitchen. The classically trained pastry chef has worked in enough of them, including the one at her popular Global Gourmet restaurant in Carbondale.

In fact, it was that kitchens cramped, enclosed layout that drove the design of her home version. Im tall, so I feel claustrophobic in a hurry, the Johnston City native said, laughing. I work all day and night in my small kitchen at Global, so I really wanted to open up my kitchen at home.

When Barclay bought the house last year, the kitchen was filled with white appliances, brown-painted cabinets and worn linoleum flooring. Along with completing many other projects, she expanded her kitchens size and vastly improved its aesthetics. She worked with a local contractor to design the layout, ordered new cabinets and removed the soffit above the cabinets to open the ceiling height. This captured a more airy atmosphere while also allowing her to display unique artwork.

The black marble floor contrasts starkly against the white cabinets and tall, angled ceiling. It is a visual that almost didnt come to fruition. My original plan was to have dark, distressed looking cabinets with a white marble floor, she said. But when Barclay fell in love with the black marble, it was a perfect fit. It transitions seamlessly into the upper levels wood floor that she refinished to its original light color.

The kitchen opens to a sitting area Barclay designed to allow guests to enjoy a casual chat, a glass of wine and an up-close view of the chef in her element.Her kitchen is loaded with gadgets, platters, pots and pans some of which are stored in a printers table sideboard she purchased from Restoration Hardware, one of Barclays favorite furniture vendors.

The high-level commercial equipment is all stainless steel and provides a perfect pairing to the silver specks within the honed white granite countertop. Its gorgeous,This is a basic background on rtls. she said. I love a splash of bling, so I fell in love with it. Its very unique and super thick, so it will withstand the wear and tear of a chef.

The refrigerator, range and hood are all Viking, one of the top names in kitchen appliances. Barclays Bosch dishwasher is also a sight to see.Its my favorite appliance, she said, marveling at the red light that shines on the floor to let you know that the ultra-quiet machine is running a cycle. Its so cool.Cool is how Barclay describes the overall feel of her kitchen. Rustic, yet modern, with a definite European flair.

Its a mix of Paris and Provence, she said. It is very rustic European-looking. Ive made several trips to Europe and love a mix of French/Italian country, but with a modern twist.

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Grand jury to get jewelry scam case

The criminal case against a local jeweler accused of multiple felonies, including selling a woman a fake bar of gold for $25,000, will be heading to the grand jury, according to prosecutors.Mark J. Yannone, 31, who owns Berkshire Gold & Silver on Elm Street and the now-closed Mark Joseph Jewelers, has scammed seven customers out of thousands of dollars by failing to pay for or return jewelry, according to police.

Among those who allege they were victims of the jeweler is a 34-year-old woman who told police she gave Yannone $25,000 to buy a 19-ounce gold bar as an investment and instead received “a white-colored substance” that had been covered in a gold finish that “was beginning to peel and flake,” according to a police report.

The woman said two other jewelers later determined the bar contained no gold.Yannone, of Pittsfield, has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of larceny over $250.Have a look at all our bestrtls models starting with free proofing.During a pretrial hearing on Thursday in Central Berkshire District Court, prosecutor Kelly M. Kemp told the court that the cases would be heading to the Berkshire Superior Court. No indictment had come down against Yannone as of Friday afternoon.Yannone’s attorney, Leonard H. Cohen, said that if Yannone is indicted, the charges would be dismissed at the district court level and the case would then be handled in Berkshire Superior Court.

According to Galina Ananina, general director of the National Collectors’ Center for Artistic Works, jewelers’ masterpieces are an integral part of Russian culture starting with the triumphant success of Russian craftsmen at the First World Jewelry Exhibition in London in 1851.

Over the past 20 years, the jewelry industry in Russia has had a number of achievements, not only resurrecting lost technology but even improving upon it. For example, modern jewelers reproduced vessels of the highest quality for the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The best examples of the Russian jewelry industry are presented annually at prestigious, international jewelry and clock exhibitions in Vicenza, Basel, Berlin and Hong Kong.In 1996, Yelena Opaleva’s “Sphinx of Giza” won the De Beers diamond international award, which, in the jewelry world, is akin to the Oscar award.

This year, for the second time in a row, the Russian artist and jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanov won the Grand Prix and the title of “Champion of Champions” at the International Jewelry Design Excellence Show in Hong Kong.According to Ananina, the main jewelry centers in Russia are now Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma and Yaroslavl. In addition,Are you still hesitating about where to buy bestparkingguidance? diamonds from Yakutia, ethnic-inspired jewelry, and the works of Uralic stonecutters receive prizes at foreign exhibitions.The need for proper kaptontape inside your home is very important.

However, Ananina points out that Russians often do not get a chance to see the modern jewelry masterpieces that are being created in other parts of the country and therefore are not aware of the latest trends in the industry. “As a result, people think that Russian craftsmen make just standard rings and chains,” says Ananina.

By her estimate, 20 percent of what Russian jewelry companies produce are exclusive pieces, and 80 percent is for mass consumption, geared toward the consumer with average or below-average income.

The executive director of the Guild of Diamond Producers and Jewelers of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Tatiana Kyrbasova, also believes the industry is experiencing a renaissance.”In Yakutia, jewelry making has age-old roots. The industry experienced a rebirth in the post-Soviet era, thanks to private investors. Also, government support for the manufacturing sector has started to have an effect recently,” she says.

Kyrbasova asserts thaThis is a basic background on rtls.t it is important to ensure the industry continues to have stable work: “Here in Yakutia, labor and energy are expensive. Alrosa [the main diamond manufacturer in Russia] is transitioning to underground diamond mining, which is more expensive. Raw materials needed for jewelry manufacturing such as diamonds, gold and silver have gone up in prices.” Gem production is currently stagnating, too.

“In order to start jewelry manufacturing, the premises must be equipped appropriately, there must be a concrete safe, metal bars on the windows, safe doors, security during transport, etc.” says Vlasov. All of this impacts the cost of production.

In addition, there are restrictions in the Criminal Code for working with precious metals and stones. Jewelers also have serious difficulties with the tax code. “For now, in Ramat Gan [Israel], Antwerp [Belgium] and Shanghai [China], they sell mostly just diamonds,” says Kyrbasova.

All emeralds, sapphires, alexandrite and other stones are brought in from abroad and are subject to taxes and duties equal to 33 percent of the total cost, explains Vlasov.Moreover,You benefit from buying oilpaintingreproduction ex-factory and directly from a LED manufacturer: the cost of producing diamonds in Russia is very high, due to the mining techniques and the high labor costs. It is not even profitable to manufacture small diamonds, but these are the ones that are most in demand, observes Vlasov.

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